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Our members asked us to list various CRM-related resources at our Web site. The beginnings of this list appear below. If you know of other resources you'd like us to add, please e-mail us at resources@crm-a.org. Thanks!

Web Sites

  1. 1to1.com: Created and run by Peppers and Rogers Group, 1to1.com is the leading site for customer-centric strategy and information and contains more than 2,000 pages of highly personalized, relevant and actionable intelligence.
  2. crm4sme.com Created to stimulate an exchange of information and the forming of partnerships between and among users and suppliers of CRM products and services in the world of Small and Medium Size Enterprises.
  3. CRMGriot.com A CRM implementation helpdesk and resource portal for CRM professionals! Expert technical and/or functional assistance with industry leading CRM software and more! Deliverable assistance available!
  4. CRMGuru.com Created and run by Bob Thompson of Front Line Solutions, CRMGuru features 100% original CRM-related content, a panel of CRM experts to answer your questions, topical newsletters, and a discussion list (CRM.Talk).
  5. CRMCommunity.com Created and run by DCI, the organization that provides the premier tradeshow for the CRM industry, this site contains industry news, white papers, articles, upcoming community events, and more.
  6. CRM Forum CRM-Forum is used by an international community of CRM business professionals and thought leaders, who rely on it to solve business problems and source information. Established in 1998, CRM-Forum has the largest library of CRM related documents, presentations and white papers available online as well as a vibrant and opinionated news service, all housed in a dynamic online community.
  7. CRMindustry.com Customers don't just deal with the support operation - they interact with accounting, sales, marketing - all departments of the company. Managing every customer communication channel, or customer relationship management (CRM), is key to the continued success of any enterprise. crmindustry.com provides members information and tools to successfully become a customer-centric company. Members are high-level decision makers responsible for Customer Relationship Management in their company. Titles include Director/VP/Manager of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support.
  8. CRM Talk Radio CRM TalkRadio.com is free, weekly Internet-based program providing professional insight towards the implementation, maintenance and management of CRM. Our guests rangine from the industry's leading voices, organizations that deploy CRM tools, to the developers of technology, this live and archived talk radio format creates an objective source for sales professionals and management to realize CRM success. In fact, on last week's show, we featured the CRMA with Scott Cabral and Gary Knight of the San Diego chapter (in which I am a member). I invite you to take a listen. We broadcast live every wednesday 10-11 PST and each show is archived for future listening: www.crmtalkradio.com
  9. destinationCRM In affiliation with CRM Magazine, this site is a gateway for information, products, and services relevant to the CRM user marketplace.
  10. eCustomerServiceWorld.com the world's leading membership site for Customer Management Professionals
  11. http://www.ismguide.com Founded by Barton Goldenberg, an 18-year veteran in the CRM industry and author of "CRM Automation." This site provides free CRM newsletters and articles, and the latest CRM software reviews.
  12. SearchCRM.com CRM Web resources, articles, discussions, editorials, news, buying guides, and more.
  13. SellMoreNow.com Created and run by Rich Bohn, a long-time expert in the CRM/SFA field, this site has been up the longest and contains product reviews and just about everything else you can think of as pertains to CRM.
  14. Software Uncovered An unbiased, web delivered knowledge portal for senior Finance, Marketing and IT personnel. Covers the complete life cycle of delivering a Business Information System by providing detailed and transparent information on vendors, the associated service providers, articles, exhibitions, seminars, courses, publications and recruitment.
  15. Southeast Tech Wire is a free daily email newsletter that summarizes the most important technology, venture capital and Internet stories from North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina -- with a particular focus on the Research Triangle, Atlanta and Florida's Technology Corridor.
  16. Tech Resource Group  provides CRM training and help desk support. We focus on the human side of CRM implementations, assisting with change management and building adoption for CRM business practices and tools.
  17. The Resource Center - Customer Relationship Management Seminars, Videos, and Books. Visit the site at www.the-resource-center.com

Publications (print and online)

  1. Inside 1to1: Written by the Peppers and Rogers Group partners and staff, this FREE weekly email newsletter keeps our readers in touch with the latest case studies, strategic insight, trend analysis and metrics on the customer relationship front.
  2. On the Front Line - a free online newsletter covering issues pertinent to PRM (partner relationship management). To subscribe, go to www.crmguru.com
  3. RealMarket - daily industry announcements pertaining to CRM. It's also free. To subscribe, go to www.realmarket.com
  4. SellMoreNow - an online newsletter produced by The Denali Group; includes insights by industry watcher Rich Bohn regarding the industry and various CRM vendors. For a free subscription, go to www.sellmorenow.com.
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